• Tangible Memory

    Our Faith Cards can be held, displayed, and kept as a keepsake for years. Every time the recipient looks at it, they are reminded of the sender and the occasion it was sent for.

  • Personal Touch

    In the digital age where instant messaging and emails are common, a physical card stands out. It shows that someone took the time to pick out, write in, and send a card, making the recipient feel valued and special.

  • Versatile Impact

    Our Faith Cards can be used for a multitude of occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, congratulations, or just because. Each card is an opportunity to connect and convey a specific sentiment.

  • Heather Bitter, an experienced photographer with an eight-year career, has dedicated her talents to capturing captivating images that ignite feelings of faith, family, and community. Serving as the esteemed photographer for local faith-based magazines in Clayton, Missouri, and Kirkwood|Webster, Missouri, Heather has masterfully brought to life stunning visuals that inspire and resonate deeply

  • Beyond her remarkable work, Heather's true passion lies in storytelling through her photography, allowing her to share the unique narratives of others. As a devoted wife and proud mother of three beautiful girls, family holds a special place in her heart, alongside her unwavering commitment to her Catholic faith.